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  3. Hey guys, im using csgopolygon script, but it was change and not latest update version. Can someone check for backdoors? Will pay.
  4. Der Download beinhaltet nur eine Text Datei (?) Edit: Download läuft über eine Schnellinstallation ->
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  6. Sieht ganz gut aus aber er lässt mich nix auf der Seite machen nach trade link reinpacken geht nichts
  7. Version 1.1.2


    Free roulette site -included online BOT - NO BUGS -NO BACKDOOR - UPDATES - INCLUDED ONLINE STORAGE (BOT) demo: Tutorial Website: Tutorial Video:


  8. csgoepoch

    There is a thread about some fixes suggested by me and community members. You may have to use the browser translator to read the text. When I have some time I can translate the content into english.
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  10. csgoepoch

    Nope this script is running on debian 7... But this script is very buggy and is not ready for fast install and go. Before you have to change the port and kinds like this. Kind regards 3ver
  11. Ja dann wünsch ich dir viel Erfolg mit deiner Seite. Da wird man ja richtig gespannt, wenn man hört, neues Jackpot System Vielleicht bearbeitest du deinen Post nochmal, und schreibst es nochmal drunter in Englisch ^^ Kind regards 3ver
  12. Hey, es hat länger gedauert, bis sash die Seite zum laufen gebracht hat. Aber am 01.08 machen wir eine große Eröffnung und haben was zu verlosen. Wir bringen noch 3-4 spiele rein nicht nur das klassische Jackpot, sondern ein extremes Jackpot System Seit gespannt! Wäre nice, wenn ihr am Anfang helfen würdet, die Seite zu verbreiten.
  13. I've been using Debian 7x64 and after all I've tried to get it working maybe I've been using the wrong OS altogether.
  14. csgoepoch

    Oh mate, I already re-installed the server. I'll do everything again then I'll send it to you, don't worry.
  15. csgoepoch

    Maybe you just have to pick another port. Can you send me an url of your project?
  16. csgoepoch

    I'll do all of this again, but I'm going to reinstall the whole thing from scratch. Maybe I did something wrong along the way. I appreciate all the support sash
  17. csgoepoch

    Type in: killall node And try again
  18. csgoepoch

    I put: the IP and the port 8000 at the end. and did the same for the bot.js file aswell, still not working.
  19. csgoepoch

    You have an IP when you create your VPS on at least a domain. That's what you have to edit at the line.
  20. csgoepoch

    So, for "var HOST" would I put the server's IP or would I put the host name, because I don't have something like "". I just have "CSGOUniverse" as the host on my cloud provider... Also, with what you told me to do, same issue comes up, that's why I'm asking the question above.
  21. csgoepoch

    You have to make sure the ports are the same for Client and Server. They have to communicate each other. To make this happen you have to select a port on bot.js and for the client js file. For your script you have to open the site.js file: var io = require('')(3000); Try to change it to 8080 or 8000. Remember: Don't place your bot folder into your www folder. It is a big security issue then, because I can open the file over the browser and read all of your mysql datas and stuff. Also you have to change the port for the "client side" and make sure they have the same port to communicate with each other. Go to the main.js file in the template/js folder. var HOST = ""; Change this to your IP and the port you have picked in site.js - for example: var HOST = ""; Then you should try to run the site by node the site.js Additional note: you only need VIP if you want to access our scripts or if you want live support.
  22. csgoepoch

    So, I had recently posted a question about the No prices in cache error, but now that's fixed. On the german forums someone said that they had fixed EADDRINUSE but I can't fix that now. Maybe I need a VIP membership, I don't know. But if anyone knows how to fix it please reply to this forum post. Thanks!
  23. csgoepoch

    Could you add me on steam? IT would be a lot easier to talk to you there: I can send you photos on steam aswell, don't worry.
  24. csgoepoch

    Is the pathing defined to the bot folder (in in the code)? Post a snipped in the CODE Tag please.
  25. csgoepoch

    Never mind, I fixed that. Now I have the EARDRINUSE error, and I have no clue on how to fix that unfortunately.
  26. csgoepoch

    prices.txt is in the bot folder, but still won't add the prices to cache
  27. csgoepoch

    Check the bot.js. Search for prices.txt and then you will find a defined path. Like /var/bot/prices.txt. Create the file there. In most cases the bot will create this file automatically.
  28. csgoepoch

    Okay, I didn't quite understand. How do I get prices.txt to the correct folder? I don't know how to get the prices into cache.
  29. csgoepoch

    Alright, I'll try that. Thanks man
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