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  1. Der Download beinhaltet nur eine Text Datei (?) Edit: Download läuft über eine Schnellinstallation ->
  2. csgoepoch

    There is a thread about some fixes suggested by me and community members. You may have to use the browser translator to read the text. When I have some time I can translate the content into english.
  3. csgoepoch

    Maybe you just have to pick another port. Can you send me an url of your project?
  4. csgoepoch

    Type in: killall node And try again
  5. csgoepoch

    You have an IP when you create your VPS on at least a domain. That's what you have to edit at the line.
  6. csgoepoch

    You have to make sure the ports are the same for Client and Server. They have to communicate each other. To make this happen you have to select a port on bot.js and for the client js file. For your script you have to open the site.js file: var io = require('')(3000); Try to change it to 8080 or 8000. Remember: Don't place your bot folder into your www folder. It is a big security issue then, because I can open the file over the browser and read all of your mysql datas and stuff. Also you have to change the port for the "client side" and make sure they have the same port to communicate with each other. Go to the main.js file in the template/js folder. var HOST = ""; Change this to your IP and the port you have picked in site.js - for example: var HOST = ""; Then you should try to run the site by node the site.js Additional note: you only need VIP if you want to access our scripts or if you want live support.
  7. csgoepoch

    Is the pathing defined to the bot folder (in in the code)? Post a snipped in the CODE Tag please.
  8. csgoepoch

    Check the bot.js. Search for prices.txt and then you will find a defined path. Like /var/bot/prices.txt. Create the file there. In most cases the bot will create this file automatically.
  9. csgoepoch

    Make sure you have a prices.txt in the destined folder. So the bot will "download" the prices, put them into prices.txt and then you have a cached pricelist. If you start the bot / restart the bot next time, the bot will refresh the prices into your prices.txt.
  10. Use the Steam Desktop Authenticator (SDA) -> Then click on the green button (Clone or Download) and then on Download ZIP. Install it, remove mobile authenticator from your Bot in Steam and add the mobile authenticator in SDA. This will create a folder maFiles in your SDA installation directory and there will be a file named with the Steam64ID of your bot. Open with editor and then you will find your shared and identity secret in there. You don't have to add anything in phpmyadmin, just import the SQL file and make sure to add your database infos in all files (where required).
  11. Nein, das Tutorial wird demnächst fortgesetzt. Es wird aber Premium Inhalte geben.
  12. I need your help. can you please tell me your twitter so we can contact.

    1. sash



      Just send me a message on this page

  13. Check all CSS Files, not just once. You include some of them so the body tag must be in one of them.
  14. Remove your bot from your www directory. Its a huge security issue!
  15. Open your .CSS file and search for the body tag. Change or add: background-image: url(path/to/image/background.jpg); background-size: cover; This should work. Overall it should look like this: body { background-image: url(path/to/image/background.jpg); background-size: cover; }