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  1. I've been using Debian 7x64 and after all I've tried to get it working maybe I've been using the wrong OS altogether.
  2. csgoepoch

    Oh mate, I already re-installed the server. I'll do everything again then I'll send it to you, don't worry.
  3. csgoepoch

    I'll do all of this again, but I'm going to reinstall the whole thing from scratch. Maybe I did something wrong along the way. I appreciate all the support sash
  4. csgoepoch

    I put: the IP and the port 8000 at the end. and did the same for the bot.js file aswell, still not working.
  5. csgoepoch

    So, for "var HOST" would I put the server's IP or would I put the host name, because I don't have something like "". I just have "CSGOUniverse" as the host on my cloud provider... Also, with what you told me to do, same issue comes up, that's why I'm asking the question above.
  6. csgoepoch

    So, I had recently posted a question about the No prices in cache error, but now that's fixed. On the german forums someone said that they had fixed EADDRINUSE but I can't fix that now. Maybe I need a VIP membership, I don't know. But if anyone knows how to fix it please reply to this forum post. Thanks!
  7. csgoepoch

    Could you add me on steam? IT would be a lot easier to talk to you there: I can send you photos on steam aswell, don't worry.
  8. csgoepoch

    Never mind, I fixed that. Now I have the EARDRINUSE error, and I have no clue on how to fix that unfortunately.
  9. csgoepoch

    prices.txt is in the bot folder, but still won't add the prices to cache
  10. csgoepoch

    Okay, I didn't quite understand. How do I get prices.txt to the correct folder? I don't know how to get the prices into cache.
  11. csgoepoch

    Alright, I'll try that. Thanks man
  12. csgoepoch

    Hello, so when I node site.js, it tells me there are no prices in cache. I'm not sure what this means, and haven't been able to find a fix. If someone can help me out that would be really great!. Thanks.