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  1. Hello!

    Need you about CSGO trade site.

    contact me asap , ty

    1. ex0



      Just hit me up on Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/sneezn1337/) for fast response!



  2. node cuint or maybe npm cuint ??
  3. Version 1.0.0


    !IMPORTAND! THE SCRIPT IS NOT BY ME AND IT MIGHT HAVE SOME BUGS !IMPORTAND! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Livedemo: - csg0.trade Included: - Front+Backend - Bot - README APIs supported: - csgofast price api Short Review: You basically get a simple trading website which is able to trade items in different rates. With the script you get all the webfiles(front + backend) as well as the bot files + config in which you configure your two bots and the rates your items will be traded in. YOU CAN BUY SETUP + SIMPLE DESIGN CHANGE! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  4. Hello guys. Today Im seeking for a skilled developer that is able to 1) Change choose winner animation to a wasteskins like one 2) change some stuff on db/admin panel 3) Delete backdoors/security issues 4) Do some simple design changes to/on an existing jackpot script! Contact me via PM here.
  5. Genau.. das mit der Idee sieht man ja schon an 2 neuen sehr erfolgreichen Seiten (Ich poste hier keine Links, da es Fremdwerbung ist).. diese haben einfach nur jeweils 1 Spiel welches es noch nicht gab und damit heben sie sich von allen anderen Webseiten enorm ab. Zudem ist Werbung das A und O, schließlich willst du dein Projekt gut vermarkten..*hust hust* *keine Eigenwerbung* *hust Nimm dir die Worte von Sash zu Herzen und plane alles bis ins letzte Detail! Planung, Koordination, Idee, Geld und Motivation ist mit das wichtigste, wenn du "erfolgreich" werden willst. - ex0. Over and out
  6. Im Prinzip kannst du das wie Drakemoon lösen und Coins über G2A Pay kaufbar machen nur rein rechtlich gesehen würde ich das Risiko als unangemeldete Gambling Webseite erstmal vermeiden - einfach ist die Integration von solch einem System auch nicht unbedingt also würde ich an deiner Stelle für den Anfang erstmal die Finger davon lassen. Die 2 Seite dient nur zum einloggen über die Steam API. Dieses ist lediglich eine Methode, um sich selbst vor dem löschen zu schützen, da Valve ursprünglich alle Gambling Seiten löschen/vor Gericht ziehen wollte, die deren Steam API benutzen(http://store.steampowered.com/news/22883/). Deshalb kaufen die Seiten tausende versch. Domains(wie zB efqwgqewgf.com;214fqf.xyz;a63dqd.net etc), dessen API Zugänge dann ruhig gebannt werden können sprich es ist alles nur eine Lösung um um Valves neue Gambling ToS drum rum zu arbeiten. Und von welchen Steuern redest du? Ich denke du meinst die Onsite rakes nach jedem Game. Hier würde ich 3-8% empfehlen.
  7. Ich kann dir komischerweise keine PN schicken. Kannst du mich bitte einmal auf Steam adden ? (http://steamcommunity.com/id/ex0csgo) Freundliche Grüße - ex0
  8. Hey skinfact0ry, you can´t really say how "cheap" that is because it wont be anywhere near "cheap" if you try to hire a dev that will custom code everything for you. I assume that a simple nice looking jackpot script will be around 600€ (front+back end done), a bot account costs 5€ each(I recommend you to get 2-3) and the domain + webhost could be monthly at around 15€
  9. Hello CSINSIDE.net Community, I´m looking for 1) a pure Jackpot script WITHOUT ANY backdoors/securety issues which got an easy/simple design (prefferably something like extended csgo network v2 script) 2) a developer who is able to integrate a new kind of spinner/winner roll animation + some other small/med changes. If you can help me please comment below here with contact details or shoot me a private message. Best regards - ex0
  10. Gute Arbeit! Danke für den Share - 5 Sterne!
  11. Its a simple overpay bot..this bot values your items at 100% and the items of the others at 95% for example(depending on what you set the % to). So if you have an item worth 1$ and the other one has an item with the equal value your bot just values it at 0.95$ instead of 1$ so if he wants the bot to accept the offer he got to add an item worth at least 0.05$ = 0.06/7$ profit
  12. CSGO Overpay Bot

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello CSInside User! Today Im sharing the CSGO-Overpay-bot made by arze1. Its a simple nodejs bot and easy to setup! Setup the Bot: Go to config and add your ussername,password,secrets from SDA and api key To get the api key of the bot go to https://steamapi.io/user and log in via steam (with the account you need the api key from obviously) Run the Bot: 1) CD {the dir of the folder} 2) npm i 3) node bot.js Config elements - `username` AND `password` pretty easy to understand - `botname` What you want the bots profile name to be, leave blank to not change - `identitySecret` AND `sharedSecret` You get theese from [Steam Desktop Authenticator](https://github.com/Jessecar96/SteamDesktopAuthenticator/releases/tag/ and de-crypting the files - `adminIDs` An array of steam64 ids to auto-accept trades from - `options` - `apiKey` An api key from https://steamapi.io/ as mentioned above - `appid` App id to get prices from, 730 (CS:GO) is default not tested to work with others but could - `minimumprice` Minium value for their items - `acceptRandomFriendRequests` true OR false, easy to understand - `priceRefreshInterval` Time (in seconds) to refresh price - `confirmationInterval` Time (in seconds) to check mobile auth - `percentamount` Percent to value their items at EX: 95% would be 0.95 in config - `chatResponse` Chat message handling - `donation` Message to send to user when they donate skins - `junk` Message to send when users items are less then `minimunprice` - `tradeDeclined` Message to send when users items have less value then bots items - `tradeAccepted` Message to send when trade goes through - `newFriend` Message to send to user when they add the bot - `adminTrade` Sent to admin when they make a (auto-accepted) trade to the bot NOTE: admins can be configured in `adminIDs` - `commands` Custom simple commands, JSON object in form of "!command" I hope you have fun and some success using this bot.


  13. And I havent seen any way to directly click on the steam/skype .. that would be great as well
  14. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    PRICE REDUCED ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME! Hello CSInside.net user! Thank you for showing interest in making use of my service! In the following Im going to tell you why you should choose ME as YOUR Social Media / Marketing Manager and proof to you that Im one of the BEST out there. I try to accomplish two things: affordable pricing and high quality work, my service starts at affordable 50€ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What you get.. .. is a very experienced & professional Social Media / Marketing Manager [2 1/2 years of experience in the marketing business] ... that is very reliable and trustful .... as well as highly motivated, focused, detail oriented ..... and very conscientious of meeting budget restraints and timelines ...... ..... is also a very friendly, handy & 24/7 reachable person .... that is also calm and a nice discussion / negotiation partner ... who will happily become a part of your staff team =) ..but that´s not all... .... of course you also earn someone that is able to work with high budgets and spend the money wisely ..... to improve your Social Media following / website traffic / affiliates / community activity .... and for sure I can plan and execute your next marketing campaign ... as well as make up advertising deals / long term partnerships with advertisors .. after forming your marketing budget Do you think I am the one you´ve been searching for all the time to build your brand and keep the following running/growing? Then don´t hesitate and continue reading =)! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By buying the PREMIUM Social Media & Marketing Management package you receive: - Two(2) weeks (14 days) BASIC service subscription (Small advertising campaign + simple budgetplan, up to 50 single UNLIMITED single advertisements) + Discount on Additional pricing + Extra contact method: Mobile Phone (On request) for higher availability + Big advertising campaign + detailed budgetplan + Very simple GFX for Social Media (Giveaways etc.) - .TXT document with contact details - Access password - Pricing list for additional subscription time Is that not enough for your needs? Than go check out the PREMIUM subscription! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frequently asked questions: Q:If I only have few questions regarding your service - can I still contact you just to ask? A:Sure! If you have ANY questions or concerns - don´t hesitate and hit me up on the forum via PM. Q:If I need your service for a longer time, will there be a dicount when I continue the subscription? A:For sure there can be a discount but the next subscription could also cost more when there is more work. Q:I don´t believe that you got that much experience.. can you proof it? A:Of course! Just hit me up and ask for my PE and Ill send it to you ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  15. Eventually the opportunity to see the entire user profile on download posts like you do here in this post